Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Fog - 2005

The Fog is a remake of the 1980's classic follow-up movie of Halloween. In this remake, Elisabeth Williams (Maggie Grace) and Nick Castle(Tom Welling) , citizens of Antonio Bay, a sleepy little city on an island off the coast of Oregon who end up under siege by the supernatural for crimes of the island’s past.

The visuals are acually pretty impressive. The spooky fog moves in a threatening manner the original film never accomplished, although it doesn’t seem to move consistently. It’s the type of fog that moves in around a house, but then when the shots move to close ups, there is some level of visibility through the window until the fog moves in again in the closer shot, pressing up against all the exits. Visual mistakes like this are frequent in the film, and this is coming from a critic who never looks for that sort of thing. Windows that were broken become unbroken in long shots several times, cars fill with water and sink, only to reveal at the bottom of the sea that the car is just now filling with water. I’m pretty certain I even saw a marker stuck in for special effects to be inserted in one scene. Again, not one of these things was something I was looking for, so the fact that they stuck out at me so badly is a testament to just how sloppy this movie was put together. 

But all together, the movie is a good combination of supernatural activity and "jumpy moments". You don't get a great picture of the crimes of the past, and you will struggle a bit before you get the entire story. When they filmed the crimes, they divided it into pieces and showed it bit for bit through the entire movie, causing you to not understand what happened until the movie is over.

Rating: 4,5/10

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  1. Thanks for the review, I'm going to check that movie out now =)